At Henderson Podiatry, we provide our patients with a variety of therapeutic footwear. For diabetics, most insurances will cover one pair of shoes and three pairs of tri-laminate heat moldable inserts per year. For non-diabetics our shoes are $169 which includes one pair of the inserts.

Henderson Podiatry offers three suppliers for our patients to choose from. Therapeutic shoes are both aesthetic and comfortable with the following features:

* Lightweight upper : all-day comfort, increased durability
* Padded collar: an alternative to leather to prevent irritation at the ankle
* Padded tongue: to prevent foot slippage
* Lining: minimal seams to lower the risk of irritation
* Hygienic: prior to shipment, a natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial is sprayed in the shoes to reduce exposure to germs
* Extra-depth: accommodates swelling and allows for inserts/orthotics
* Higher toe box: accommodates hammertoe and/or bunion deformities

Below are some examples of shoes from our vendors. Please schedule an appointment with one of our providers to be evaluated for therapeutic shoes. Our office staff can also consult a certified pedorthist if needed to find the best fit/style for our patients.